KCR kept water promise: Jagadish

KCR kept water promise: Jagadish

Hyderabad, Jan.6 (NSS): Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has kept his promise to give waters to Suryapet district at Penpahad and other villages. KCR had offered Godavari waters from Kaleshwaram project and the farmers can now go for more cultivation.

He performed puja at a water body releasing waters to crops in Penpahad. On the occasion, the minister said KCR was committed to complete irrigation projects to push agriculture. “If Kaleshwaram project was not complete, we will not get Godavari waters”, he said. He extended thanks to the Chief Minister for waters to Suryapet district.

The minister appealed to people to support KCR’s leadership for welfare and development.
During the Statehood movement and elections, we sought permanent solution to water crisis and KCR then promised, he recalled. With Kaleshwaram project completion, we will got waters, he added.

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