KCR means Kalavalu, Chervulu, Reservoirlu: KTR

Hyderabad, Oct.30 (NSS): Giving a new definition to his father and TRS Supremo, K Chandrasekhar Rao’s name, Caretaker Minister KT Rama Rao today said that only the ruling party will develop the state as the opposition aims to stall development.

During his  campaign  at Yellareddy segment ahead of the polls, the minister gave a new acronym to KCR – stating that K means Kaluvalu (Canals), C means Cheruvulu (Lakes) and R means Reservoirs.

The minister announced this much to the delight of the gathering who gave a thumping response with claps.

Indeed, the vision and aim of KCR is to bring as much as one crore acres under irrigation to turn the parched lands of Telangana into a green bed, he avowed. Drawing a parallel,  he said that as Telangana’s noted poet Dasharathi attracted people by writing “Naa Telangana  Koti Rathanala Veena”, KCR is now making persistent efforts to irrigate one crore acres to flourish agriculture by completing projects by spending huge funds. The opposition is getting envious and giving shameless statements to stall the projects and development works,  he deplored.

The congress leaders,  like bats,  got glued to the ministerial posts during the statehood movement at the cost of self respect of Telangana people. Their eyes turned red even as Telangana turning green and the opposition leaders are known for hiding money in car engines, to buy the leaders for the polls.

The congress did not give Telangana and the people seized it for their own rule,  he asserted.

The past regimes have neglected our region for about six decades leading to poverty, migration and lack of facilities,  he averred. The people do understand the conspiracy and failure of the opposition parties for lacking vision and want to stall growth,  he said. He exuded confidence that the people will chose the party which aims for all round development and inclusive growth.(NSS)


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