KCR Profusely Thanks People of H’nagar for Grand Victory —Assures to Fulfill Their Wishes

Hyderabad, Oct.24 (NSS): Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Reddy today profusely thanked the people of Huzurnagar for reposing confidence in him and his functioning, extending full support to the ruling TRS candidate S Saidi Reddy and ensuring his victory with a record majority in the by-election.

Speaking to the media after the announcement of Huzurnagar Assembly polling result, the Chief Minister said that though he could not visit the constituency due to bad weather conditions, the people have given a stupendous majority to the party candidate. This is not a routine or normal verdict. The people have given the verdict after thinking deeply. The by-election was held one year after the TRS came to power for the second time. The poll result will

work as a great tonic for the Government. It would provide an opportunity to work with greater vigour and enthusiasm.

KCR said that the opposition party leaders have made several allegations and carried on a vicious campaign against the Government. They resorted to personal accusations against him. Setting aside all this propaganda, the people have given a thumping majority of 43,000 votes. The TRs has lost the Huzurnagar seat with only 7,000 margin in the earlier election. Now, more than 50 per cent of people blessed the party candidate, he said and added that the wishes and aspirations of the people will be fulfilled 100 per cent, he assured.

The Chief Minister said that the party will hold a public meeting at Huzurnagar on October 26 to thank the people. He said at least now, the opposition parties will stop unnecessary criticism.

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