KCR should first settle State issue then think about gulf Telugus.

Hyderabad, Oct.18 (NSS): BJP NRI Coordination Committee chairman TR Sriniwas has said that it is quite surprising to note that the Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is willing to go Dubai to bring back Telugus to the state.

In a statement today, he posed a number of questions to the CM.   He  said  there is no sign of Telangana NRI policy, which was promised in the first term. What KCR has to say about it? Where are the 100,000 jobs promised on the eve of Telangana formation, after driving away Andhra People from the state of Telangana ?

We don’t see anything done for this, in the first term. Now why this eye wash ? Where is favorable Industrial climate now, where Industries are being set up and jobs are being created in all categories ?

Sriniwas asked whether KCR is  aware that  Hyderabad,   which he promised to make better that Dallas,   becomes Venic when 5 minutes of rains are there. Why is there no work taken up on the infrastructure side in Hyderabad ? Why is this crumbling at breakneck speed. Has he given a thought to it ? CM  plans to give jobs to those  who are coming  back to Telangana. My question: Why is there no money to give hike to 48,000 RTC employees?  Is this not a diverting tactics from current set of problems our state is facing ?

When there are loss making corporations, why is there no white paper taken out in the first term and root cause analysis done ? Is this not hiding the truth from the people of Telangana on the actual state of  affairs ?

What is the action plan taken to curb the mushrooming of illegal labor agents from Telangana, who are sending people to Gulf. Is this not a delaying tactics and causing anguish to the victims of this fraud ?

Overall, Chief Minister’s trip to Dubai is  a further strain on the state exchequer, with no concrete results visible for the future, he added.

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