Kerala Governor Khan in Hyderabad Quotes Extensively from Scriptures in Sanskrit

Hyderabad, Sept.23 (NSS): The newly-appointed Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Monday was interacting after a break fast meet hosted by Aham Talks in Hyderabad.

The Governor had Chief priest of Chilkur Temple felicitated him and gifted him book, “legislation for temples destruction” written by his father Dr MV Soundararajan. He also gifted him “Govt rules Hindu Temples” which was the priests LLM thesis.

During the interactive session after the talk which was titled “Building A New India”, Rangarajan asked him what would be his reaction to the proposed Endowments legislation by the Kerala Government to take Padmanabhaswamy Temple under it’s control in case Sabarimala verdict in favour of Ayyappa. During the hour long talk, the Governor had mentioned the distinction between Religion and Dharma and both were totally different.

Rangarajan drew his attention to the fact that many Supreme Court judgments had equated Religion to Dharma and had delivered devastating verdicts. The question on the temples was in this context.

The Governor was crisp in his reply by requesting for blessings of elders to handle such a situation and also was quick to add that he would respect the Constitution and the Concurrent list for Religious Institutions which needed the Union Governments Cabinet Nod. For this reply the audience had a spontaneous applause.

Quoting extensively from scriptures in Sanskrit, the Governor had the audience spell bound on the views expressed by him on various topics ranging from Education, religious harmony, intolerance and everything under the Sun. The land between Himalayas in the north and the ocean in the south was BharathVarsha and it is not a geography but India was an idea of preserving the sayings of many sages and philosophers who taught renunciation and service to Humanity.

On the Kashmir issue he was even more vociferous. “The whole world knows that terrorists were coming from across the border and running training camps there (Kashmir). We are not dealing with a local problem, but a problem created unfortunately by our hostile neighbour,” he scoffed.

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