King Abdulaziz cultural center launches ‘Inspire’ event in southern border area

Author: ARAB NEWSSat, 2018-02-10 19:40ID: 1518270516500177000NAJRAN: The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) on Friday launched a cultural activity in the southern border area through a function called “Inspire” for 20,000 youths in Najran, Jazan and the Asir region.
The function, organized at the Prince Mishaal Center of Functions and Conferences, contained inspired and interactive shows to bolster the principles of creativity, success and citizenship among youths of the Kingdom.
The event hosted five speakers who told of their experiences including fine artist Mohammed Al-Yusi who launched an initiative called “My inspiration,” which is primarily aimed at positively manipulating arts and recycling of products.
Abdulrahman Balabaid, another participant, touched on his experience on the spread of the culture of voluntarism in the region and how it affected his academic performance.
Writer Isa Nahari, who was announced the winner of a short story contest in the Kingdom and took the second place in the “Iqra” contest, dealt with his support of youths by representing them at the Jazan Center of Culture and Arts.
The event also hosted Abdulrahman Abu Malih, the presenter of the Finjan podcast program, and founder of the “thamaniya” (eight) network concerned with the development of the Arab content on the Internet.
Haitham, another participant, who is the presenter of a YouTube program called “Ask an experienced,” aims to spread the culture of work and stimulate youths to get involved in any job suiting them.
The function also included poetry presented by the Salih Zamanan.
The event witnessed a function called “Courage of the older generation” which presented samples of their courage and how it affected their lives.
Later, artist Nora Majrashi reflected on her determination after she lost her eyes but managed to promote her talent with the support of her relatives.
The event will move to its second station in Abha on Feb. 21, and Jazan on Mar. 29.
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