Kishen Reddy at Melbourne – Pleads for Global Effort Against Terror

Kishen Reddy at Melbourne – Pleads for Global Effort Against Terror

Hyderabad, Nov.7 (NSS): India to host the next ‘No Money For Terror’Conference in India in 2020.  Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kishan Reddy, made the announcement at the ongoing 2nd ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference at Melbourne (Nov 7&8 ). The Minister is leading a high-powered 5-member delegation, including  YC Modi, DGNIA. 65 countries are attending.

At the inaugural session,  the  Minister stressed India’s concern over the tacit support some nations are extending to terror groups. He called for a united global effort against all those who support terror or help generate finances for terror. He stated that India, being a victim of cross- border terrorism, advocates zero-tolerance towards terror.

He stated that despite the killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011, several active affiliates of Al Qaeda still exist in many parts of the world. He cautioned that despite recent elimination of Abu Bakr Al

Baghdadi, there is no room to construe that the Caliphate would cease to survive.

The Minister proposed four points for inclusion in the resolution: Terrorism is the single biggest threat to peace, security and development; Nations must expedite the finalisation of a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism under the United Nations;  FATF Standards must be effectively enforced and UN listings / FATF should not be politicized; and  Initiate discussion on Countering Financing of Radicalization (CFR), which would prevent radicalization – an essential prerequisite of


The Minister would also be leading a terror- focused bilateral meeting with his Australian counterpart in Melbourne on Nov 8.

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