KSA now ready to give driving licenses to women who have valid overseas license

KSA now ready to give driving licenses to women who have valid overseas license

JEDDAH: With only weeks remaining before Saudi women take to the road, the Kingdom is preparing drivers for one of the most dramatic reforms in the country’s history.

Driving schools for women have been opened, car advertisements and safety advice are being directed at both men and women, and new traffic signs are addressing women drivers.

Now the Kingdom has called on women with overseas licenses to have them replaced with a Saudi license.

On Saturday, the official Twitter account of the Saudi traffic department tweeted:

“We invite all citizens and residents of the Kingdom who wish to replace their valid driving licenses which they have obtained from other countries with a Saudi driving license through registering their information via the website of Saudi Driving License Portal (http://www.sdlp.sa) for completing the replacement procedures of the license on Monday, May 21.”

The tweet included a video with advice on applying for a Saudi license by visiting www.sdlp.sa, registering the information required and booking an appointment at a traffic center.

Women drivers will undergo a driving test and be evaluated on their knowledge of the Kingdom’s road rules. If successful, women drivers will be given their Saudi driving license on the same day.

Women in Saudi Arabia who have a foreign or international driving license recognized by the Kingdom will be exempted from the driving test for beginners.

Legislation to allow women to drive has opened new horizons for women’s employment.

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