KTR beats Drums, Kavitha takes Selfies

Hyderabad, Sept.2 (NSS):  It is festive moment for MP Kavitha and Minister KT Rama Rao, siblings of TRS boss and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao at Pragathi Nivedan Meeting point at Kongarakalan today. On being prompted by MLA Rasamayi Balakishan,   KTR beated the drums and shook his legs and hands that encouraged others to follow suit.

MLAs Marri Janardhan Reddy, T Jivan Reddy and others accompanied KTR for selifes. While Kavitha took selifes at the event before the main program begins, her elder brother and IT Minister was seen encouraging the rank and file for a few moments by beating drums and dancing to the tunes to mark the occasion. They literally indulged in the festivities of Pragathi Nivedan Meeting that was seen adding colour with the presence of a group of women who carried Bathukammas to the venue. Entire area was draped in the traditional “Pink” to suit the gigantic meeting. Some of the leaders lifted KTR on their shoulders in glee and shouting slogans Jai Telangana.

Significantly brother and sister duo were seen interacting with the leaders, women and activists at the rendezvous. Efforts made to excite the people thronged the premises to witness the historic meeting of the four and half years of the TRS Dispensation. The minister also made a visit to the stalls and photo exhibition on the premises depicting about the flagship Mission Bhagiratha, Mission Kakatiya, Irrigation Projects, pensions, Kalyan Lakshmi, Shadi Mubarak and others. (NSS)

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