Lalu accuses BJP, Nitish of concocting railway hotel tender case against him

[India], October 5 (ANI): Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, targetting the Union and the Bihar government on Thursday, said that the railway hotel tender case against him was ‘forged’ and concocted by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the Centre and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

“It is a forged case. Nitish Kumar and the BJP have found the only aid to finish my political existence is by filing a case against me and my family. They want to ruin us,” Yadav told reporters, after appearing before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with the said case.

The RJD chief also issued an open threat against the ruling BJP president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that he would uproot the “communal and fascist elements,” even if his life were put on the line.

“I will uproot the communal and fascist elements even if I’m hanged. I will not make any compromise,” Yadav said.

The RJD chief continued his attack and said that Prime Minister Modi-led government is heading towards a dictatorial regime and will soon reach an emergency period.

Yadav averred that the CBI are innocent on their part, and are in mere compulsion to proceed with the investigation as part of their duty.

“The CBI personnel have behaved very well with me because they are not a party in this matter. They have a compulsion as part of their job. The party involved here is the BJP, the Sangh Parivar, Amit Shah, and Modi,” Yadav said, adding that he has assured the CBI of full cooperation in the case.

Asserting that he is neither guilty of any offence nor upset by the proceedings, Yadav said, “I believe in the judicial system of our country and I will fight this fraud case against me.”

The CBI had summoned Lalu Yadav today and his son, Tejashwi Yadav today, in connection with the railway hotel tender case.

The investigative agency had, in July, registered a corruption case against Lalu, his wife Rabri Devi, his son Tejashwi Yadav, Sarla Gupta, wife of Prem Chand Gupta, Vijay Kochar and Vinay Kochar, both directors of Messer’s Sujata Hotel Private Limited, Messer’s Delight Marketing Private Limited, P.K. Goel, the then Managing Directors, IRCTC and unknown others under Section 120 B read with Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 13(2) read with Section 13(1)d Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 in connection with the case.

The FIR lodged by the CBI against the RJD chief stated that there were irregularities in awarding the tender for development, maintenance and operation of BNR Hotels in Ranchi and Puri when Lalu was the Railway Minister from 2004 to 2009.

The investigating agency has alleged that the tender process was rigged, manipulated and the conditions were tweaked by the then Railway Minister to help a private hotel company. (ANI)

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