Lebanese government wins vote of confidence

Lebanese government wins vote of confidence

BEIRUT (Rahnuma) — The new Lebanese government won on Friday the vote of confidence with 111 votes out of 128 after discussing the ministerial statement for four days during this past week, Tele Liban local TV Channel reported.

Prior to the voting, Prime Minister Saad Hariri gave a speech while focusing on the need to conduct reforms in a bid to avoid the deterioration of the country on all levels.

“We have agreed on the main points in the statement and we know very well that if we do not agree the country will collapse,” he said.

He emphasized the need to implement important reforms and to find a final and complete solution for the electricity problem which costs the treasury around two billion U.S. dollars a year.

Hariri also placed great importance on reforms needed to comply for the 11 billion U.S. dollars pledged at CEDRE conference.

Hariri added that CEDRE program was not made by the international community with the intention of nationalizing Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

“The program is 100 percent Lebanese even if it will employ some Syrians,” he said.

“Who does not want a better business environment or a reduction in the budget deficit?” Hariri asked.

Hariri said that Lebanon should take advantage of this historical opportunity.

“All political parties will take part in our work plan. The council of ministers and the Parliament are responsible of translating this work plan into actions,” he said.

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