Maduro writes to ‘peoples of the world’ denouncing US sanctions

(130604) — CARACAS, June 4, 2013 (Xinhua) — Image provided by Venezuela’s Presidency shows Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro meeting with the Venezuelan Military High Council at the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, Venezuela, on June 3, 2013. (Xinhua/Venezuela’s Presidency) (jl)

Caracas, Oct 10 (IANS) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has addressed a letter “to the peoples of the world” on his government’s response to Washington’s unilateral measures against his country.

In the letter dated October 2 and postd on Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza’s Twitter account on Friday, the President discussed measures approved y the National Constituent Assembly, such as the Anti-Blockade Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Rights of the Venezuelan People, reports Xinhua news agency.

Maduro said the law “will allow for the creation of mechanisms to improve the nation’s income”, adding that incentives could be generated “to stimulate internal economic activity” and to promote foreign investment.

The President also said Venezuela is preparing to hold legislative elections on December 6, and that over 90 per cent of local political organizations have fielded over 14,000 candidates for 277 seats.

According to Maduri, the elections “will undoubtedly grant greater strength to our nation and our people, who have resisted foreign aggression with dignity and firmness”.

The President added in the letter that Venezuela has had one law, seven executive decrees, and around 300 administrative measures imposed on it by the US.

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