Man who threatened to jump-off Giza Pyramid to be detained

Author: ARAB NEWSMon, 2018-03-19 03:28ID: 1521408951951104700CAIRO: A man who climbed the Great Giza Pyramid threatening to commit suicide is to be arrested by police for four days pending investigations.
Local reports reported on Saturday that a worker, in his 20s, has climbed the Pyramid of Khufu threatening to kill himself.
He was reportedly arrested by tourism police in the area after they managed to make his father and sister talk speak with him to prevent the suicide.
Prosecutors on Sunday have ordered his detention on charges of endangering himself as well as climbing the 4,500 years old pyramid, an act prohibited by law.
Investigators say the man suffered a psychotic break triggered by problems with his neighbors, which sparked his suicidal thoughts.
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