Mango festival underway in Al-Qunfudah

The governor of Al-Qunfudah, Mohammed Al-Qabbaa inaugurated the Mango Festival in its 12th season this week.

RIYADH: The 12th edition of Al-Qunfudah’s mango festival kicked off this week in the presence of government officials and local farmers.

The five-day festival, held at the waterfront of Al-Qunfudah’s Western Corniche, will end on Saturday.

“Al-Qunfudah is known for producing large quantities of mangos and is considered the second leading producer of mangoes in the Kingdom after the Jazan region,” said Hassan Al-Muaidi, the director of the office of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in Al-Qunfudah.

He added: “Al-Qunfudah has more than 3,000 farms and nearly half a million mango trees, producing an estimated 45,000 tons of mangoes a year.”

The festival is a learning experience for farmers in the region, as it trains them to market their products better and provides agricultural guidance.

“The mango festival is considered a marketing window, waited (for) by people every year because it attracts shoppers and those looking for high-quality agricultural products,” said Majid Al-Khalif, director general of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture’s branch in Makkah region.

Mango cultivation began in the region more than 50 years ago, and its production season begins in mid-March, with harvesting starting in May and lasting for three months.

Ali Ahmed Al-Kinani, a farm owner participating in the mango festival, said that with the guidance of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, farms are turning to organic farming.

Al-Kinani’s farm is known for producing some of the finest mangoes in the region in terms of quality and taste. “We produce four main varieties of mangoes, including Tommy, Indian, and Sensation mangoes, and our farm has six wells and about 7,000 mango trees, and Abu Zuhair lemon trees,” he said.

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