Maximum members allowed on Skype group up to 50

Maximum members allowed on Skype group up to 50

San Francisco, March 16 (IANS) Software giant Microsoft is planning to increase the maximum number of people who could be part of a Skype group call from 25 to 50 members.

With this update, Skype is also enabling the audio and video buttons in larger groups to let users easily mute their microphones or turn their webcams on or off as per their convenience, Engadget reported on Friday.

Keeping the call ringing feature completely optional, Skype Version would notify users of an incoming call by just sending a notification on the group.

“When you start a call in groups, it will send a notification instead of ringing all the members, to not interrupt those who can’t join,” the company wrote in a blog-post.

These features have been made available for beta testers on all platforms and are likely roll out more broadly later.


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