Mir Zulfiqar Ali: Championing Unity as Primary Priority in Political Endeavors

Mir Zulfiqar Ali: The Return to Political Service in Char Minar Assembly Constituency

HYDERABAD 20NOV 2023 (RAHNUMA): CharMinar Assembly Constituency has long been a stronghold of the Majlis Ittehad al-Muslimeen, known for its historical significance and influential political figures. The Late former president AIMIM, Mr. Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi, and the present Member of Parliament for Hyderabad began their political journeys here. Now, in the upcoming 2023 assembly elections, the Ittehad-e-Muslimeen Assembly has nominated Mr. Mir Zulfiqar Ali, the former Mir of Hyderabad, as its candidate—a move that marks a significant return to practical politics for Mr. Ali.

In an exclusive interview with Rahnuma E Deccan, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali shared his thoughts on this opportunity and his commitment to the constituency’s service. Acknowledging the trust placed in him by Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi, President of All India Majlis Ittehad Muslimeen Working Parliament Hyderabad, Ali expressed gratitude and affirmed his dedication to fulfilling the community’s aspirations through constant engagement.

Addressing the absence of a traditional election manifesto by Majlis, Mr. Ali emphasized that their year-round work itself serves as a manifesto. He pointed out the party’s focus on resolving practical issues, contrasting the old and new city’s infrastructural discrepancies, citing the example of traffic congestion and drainage problems during rainfall.

Reflecting on the city’s evolution since his tenure as Mir, Mr. Ali credited Majlis for introducing concepts like flyovers, highlighting their proactive role in infrastructural development. He recalled pivotal moments during his committee tenure, particularly the approval of construction projects like Chadar Ghat Debirpura Bar Bajs, showcasing the party’s commitment to urban improvement.

When queried about the challenges faced by non-Hyderabadis in the city’s markets, Ali reaffirmed the inclusivity of Hyderabad’s culture, stressing that every Indian has the right to reside and work in any state. He emphasized the Majlis’ efforts in fortifying Hyderabad’s political center, encouraging Muslims to progress democratically amidst challenging circumstances.

Ali’s priorities center on fostering unity among diverse religious communities, echoing the ethos of Hyderabad’s Ganga-Jimni civilization. He expressed a steadfast commitment to serving the people and aiding the disadvantaged, underscoring the need for communal harmony in today’s climate.

Regarding his namesake, Zulfiqar, Mr. Ali attributed his deep reverence to Hazrat Haider Karrar, reaffirming his unwavering devotion to the 12 Imams and Saints of Allah. He expressed that this faith and devotion were integral parts of his identity and beliefs.

In a closing appeal to the voters, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali urged support for the Majlis, urging citizens to strengthen the fearless leadership championing people’s issues and development. He called for every vote to endorse the party’s commitment to educational, economic, and social advancement in the political center.

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