‘Mission Aroma’ now in J&K with huge potential for farmers

[India]Mar 10(ANI): In an effort to boost the cultivation of the aromatic plants like lavender, rosemary and lemon grass and medicinal plants like ashwagandha and satavar, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi launched ‘The Aroma Mission’.

The aim of the Aroma Mission is to give the farmers alternative choices in crop production viz-a-viz traditional crops, which have been giving them diminishing returns.

These aromatic plants can be very profitable as farmers can earn as much as twenty thousand rupees per kanal, which they can never hope to get from traditional plants/crops.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been chosen for the implementation of the ‘Aroma Mission’ program, by the Indian Institute of Integrated Medicine (IIIM) in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of the state, due to its peculiar climate, which is complimented by the presence of a growing market for the products of these plants, like aromatic oils.

IIIM is providing seeds, training and other facilities like distillation units to the farmers to grow these flowers and plants.

Various programs are being organised in the state to promote this mission. For example a seminar and a flower show-cum-Kissan mela was organised to spread awareness amongst the farmers. A number of farmers from different parts of the state came to visit the program along with a number of curious onlookers and enthusiasts.

According to Dr. Ram Viswakarma, Director IIMS, Jammu, “More than one thousand farmers have already taken to planting these aromatic and medicinal plants”.(ANI)

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