“Mission Bhagiratha is a big scam”

Bhatti Vikramarka  said nearly Rs. 42,000 crores were spent in the name of Mission Bhagiratha claiming that the scheme would provide drinking water to all households in the State. However, he said that the scheme proved to be a major scam as a majority of houses are not getting water. Citing examples, he said in Dasnapur Andugoda people were forced to manually draw water from wells. However, he said tanks were constructed for the namesake only to raise the bills. He also criticized the BRS government for weakening the ITDA, which is responsible for the welfare of tribals.

He said people expected to get pattas on Podu lands. However, they are not allowed to enter the forests to either get soil or water. They are not only being denied access to the resources but a large conspiracy has been hatched to permanently drive them away from forest areas. He said the rights of Tribals over forests were undisputed.

Bhatti expressed concern over the impact of the Dharani land portal on weaker sections of society. He said that people of weaker sections lost lakhs of acres of land due to Dharani and lost the rights they had for years. He pledged that the Congress party would cleanse Dharani when it comes to power.

The leader also criticized the sitting BJP MP Soyam Bapurao for not bringing any funds from the Centre and failing to develop the Khanapur constituency. Similarly, the BRS MLA of Khanapur does not even break coconut without taking a commission.

Speaking about the damage to crops due to recent untimely rains, Vikramarka demanded that the State Govt conduct proper enumeration and pay adequate compensation.

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