Money raised from note ban given to 15 people by Modi: Rahul

Money raised from note ban given to 15 people by Modi: Rahul

Ranchi, May 7 IANS) Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of giving away money raised after demonetization to 15 industrialists of the country.

“The Modi government brought demonetization and took away money of the tribal, poor people and others in the society and gave it to 15 people. You put your hand in your pocket and you will find the wallet is empty. In the last five years money is being stolen from your wallet,” Gandhi told an election rally at Chaibsasa in Jharkhand.

Gandhi addressed the rally in favour of Congress candidate Geeta Koda.

“Modi claimed to have become the Chowkidar five years ago. People elected him as Prime Minister. In last five years, he left Chowkidari and started Chori. Poor people do not need Chowkidar,” he said.

“The Modi government tried to steal land by trying to amend the Land Acquisition Act thrice in Parliament. The Congress and its allies prevented this… The land rights of tribals and poor people cannot be snatched as long as the Congress exists in Parliament.

“In Chhattisgarh, the Congress government took back land from Tata as it was not used for five years. The land taken back from Tata was returned to tribal people. No one can take away the land if tribals and poor people do not wish to part with it.”

Gandhi also spoke about the benefits the Congress’ Nyay scheme. “Nyay scheme is a surgical strike on poverty.”

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