Mosques in Goa to open from September 1

Mosques in Goa to open from September 1

Panaji, Aug 31 (IANS) Mosques in Goa will open from September 1, with the Association of All Goa Muslim Jamaats urging strict implementation of social distancing norms and hygiene precautions when the mosques open on Tuesday.

Mosques will however not be hosting religious gatherings and Friday namaz prayers, a statement issued by the Association also said.

“We recommend opening of all masjids in Goa for regular five times namaz from September 1. The respective masjid committee should take full responsibility for implementing government SOP for masjid safety measures. The safety of every person coming to the masjid, staff of the masjid, committee members and families at home should not be risked,” the statement issued by the Association said.

“Masjids to be opened only for residents living close to the masjids for regular five times namaz with social distancing. Religious congregations and Friday namaz still remain prohibited till September 21,” the statement added.

The Association has also urged all the mosques in the state to compulsorily install “touch free hand wash machine or hand sanitiser at every entrance of the masjid. Masjid committees to sanitise masjids before and after every namaz”.

Among other conditions laid down by the Association vis a vis opening up of mosques include compulsory use of thermal gun for screening of every person before entering masjid, compulsory use of facemask, which are to be implemented by the respective mosque committees.

“Entry of children below the age of 10 and adults above the age of 65 to the masjid is now allowed. During this age the immunity of a person is weak and hence can be susceptible to Covid-19 virus,” the statement said.

Goa currently has recorded 16,553 confirmed Covid-19 cases, while the number of active coronavirus cases in the state are 3,646. 178 persons in Goa have died after testing Covid-19 positive ever since the pandemic broke earlier this year.

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