Netanyahu says Israel “fully supports” U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria


JERUSALEM, April 14 (Xinhua) — Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday said Israel “fully supports” the joint airstrikes on Syria by the U.S., Britain and France.

“A year ago, I made clear that Israel fully supports President Trump’s decision to stand firmly against the use and proliferation of chemical weapons,” said Netanyahu in a statement on Saturday, “President Trump’s determination and Israel’s support have remained unchanged.”

“This morning, the U.S., Britain, and France proved that their commitment to the fight against chemical weapons is not limited to statements only,” he went on.

Netanyahu said that it should be “clear to President Assad that his irresponsible efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction and its use… and his willingness to allow Iran and its proxies to entrench themselves in Syria” put the country in danger.

The U.S., France and Britain launched airstrikes against Syria’s capital Damascus before daybreak on Saturday, with loud explosions heard and red dots seen flying into the sky, according to Syrian state TV and Xinhua reporters in Damascus.

The airstrikes were launched under the pretext to punish Syrian government for the alleged use of chemical weapons in an attack on the rebel-held town of Douma near Damascus. Syrian government has strongly denied the allegations.

Saturday is Israel’s Sabbath, or the Jewish day of rest. Netanyahu made the statement on Saturday night when Sabbath is over.

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