Niranjan woos Netherlands to invest in seed production in Telangana

Niranjan woos Netherlands to invest in seed production in Telangana

Hyderabad, Nov.4 (NSS): During his European Nations tour, Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy today appealed to Netherlands to invest in seed production in the State for its conducive atmosphere. He exhorted the international community to make use of favorable atmosphere in Telangana districts like Mahabub Nagar,  Warangal,  Karimnagar and Khammam to push for quality seed production.

            At a program in Netherlands, the minister said Telangana, the youngest State in India, has become a seed bowl of India under the able leadership Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. “We will set up seed park, training center in the State on international standards”, he said, adding that this will help produce quality seed and improve bilateral ties in farm sector. He also said there was a need for increasing seed exports from Telangana State by following world standards.

            The minister said that India was lagging behind at seed exports at about 2 percent as there is much difference with seed policy,  norms and standards compared to other nations. Niranjan said India shares less percent in international seed trade. With 4.1 billion in 2018, India’s share in foreign seed trade will rise to 9.1 billion dollars in 2024, he said. The minister vowed to encourage quality seed exports and strengthen international ties.

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