No one will be thrown out of India: Indresh on NRC

New Delhi: RSS leader Indresh Kumar during an exclusive interview with IANS. (Photo: IANS)

New Delhi, Nov 7 (IANS) Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar has called for a National Register of Citizens (NRC) for the whole of India, not just in one state, claiming that several countries have adopted this exercise to sift out foreigners from original inhabitants. He spoke exclusively to IANS.

“The right to life exists also for those who are outside NRC. No government will force them out of the country,” Kumar said.

Kumar’s statement assumes significance at a time when many BJP leaders have openly advocated throwing out foreigners from India.

“Many countries are following this practice of registration of citizens. Some people give provocative statements on the issue. They are the enemy of humanity and Islam,” Kumar added.

To those without citizenship, Kumar said, “One can live as a foreigner in another country. They will enjoy the privileges guaranteed under international law meant for such people. Government cannot take away their rights. Some people are giving misleading statements and are fear-mongers. They are humanity’s enemy.”

Kumar said that Indians live almost in all corners of the world – in at least 133 countries. “They live there as foreigners. In India also, there are foreigners. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to implement NRC in the whole country,” Kumar added.

“About 43 lakh Muslims had migrated to Pakistan in 1947. Their population has now increased to 80 lakh. Pakistan does not consider them its citizens. They have no voting rights. They are neither Indians nor Pakistanis,” Kumar told IANS.



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