NTR on Ram Charan getting more screen space in ‘RRR’

NTR on Ram Charan getting more screen space in ‘RRR’

Hyderabad, April 3 (IANS) Ever since the magnum opus ‘RRR’ hit the screens, there is a lot of discussion regarding the lead actors.

Despite unanimous hit talk, comments on Twitter and other social media sites suggest that most of the NTR fans aren’t quite happy with his low-key role in the second half of the movie.

NTR, who had an interaction with the media post-release of ‘RRR’ was quizzed him playing a role with a lesser importance.

“I always maintained and am aware of the fact that Rajamouli has given equal importance to both Ram and Bheem roles”, NTR said.

Adding further, NTR conveyed, “No insecurities involved. We both complimented each other beautifully. While there are scenes elevating one hero at one time, Rajamouli had placed another elevation scene for the other.”

While Telugu Twitter is filled with non-stop discussions and comparisons, Ram Charan and NTR have already conveyed that they are lucky to be a part of such a visual grandeur.

Even during promotions, Ram Charan had stated that he wanted to swap NTR’s role with his role, which denotes that both were given equal importance in the movie, under the competitive ambience.

So, NTR’s role being low-key when compared to that of Ram Charan’s in ‘RRR’ is just a part of discussions, but the actors are actually happy with the output regarding their individual roles.

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