Odisha: Delivery in ‘3 Idiot’ style leads to death of newborn

[India], October 4 (ANI): In a case of medical negligence, a new-born baby died on Tuesday after nurses in the hospital tried delivering the baby while coordinating with the surgeon over the phone.

Aarti Samal, the mother, was to be operated upon in Sai Hospital in Kendrapada district of Odisha by Dr. Rashmikant Patra.

Dr. Patra was not present in the hospital and the nurses attempted a caesarean operation on the woman after coordinating with the doctor over the phone. The baby died during the failed surgery.

Aarti’s husband Kalpatru Samal took the body of his baby to the Kendrapada Town police station and filed an FIR against the doctor.

“When we contacted Dr. Rashmikant Patra, he asked us to get her admitted in the hospital. He informed us that he is not present in the hospital but will coordinate with the nurses for proper care once we get her admitted in the hospital. He did not arrive even when the condition of my wife got critical,” Kalpatru said.

Adding, “I don’t know who did it but my wife was operated upon and we lost our first baby. My wife’s uterus is also damaged. The nurses said that they had coordinated with the doctor over the phone and had given their 100 percent. It is only because of the negligence of the hospital authority.”

Police is investigating the matter and a case of negligence has been filed against the doctor. (ANI)

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