OIC calls for enhancing women’s presence in media

Author: Arab NewsSun, 2017-10-08 03:00ID: 1507414339565418900MANAMA: The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in coordination with the Bahrain National Commission for Education, Science and Culture and the Supreme Council of Women in Bahrain, held a workshop in Manama on ways to highlight the role of women in society and enhance their presence in the media.
Maha Mustafa Akeel, the information department director of the OIC, revealed that the workshop made recommendations aimed at empowering women in the Islamic world and enhancing their presence in the media.
She pointed out that “the most prominent recommendations were to establish a network for women media figures under the supervision of the General Secretariat of the OIC, as well as documenting the achievements of women leaders.”
She also said that women participants asked the appropriate governmental institutions to review the image of women in school curricula at all stages, as well as in religious and community discourse to be more equitable to their status and achievements.
The recommendations urged the media of all kinds in Islamic countries not to perpetuate the misperceptions of women which limits their concerns in cosmetic and fashion matters and using them in commercial advertising, and to promote the presence of women in media institutions.
The OIC and ISESCO also called for joint media activities to correct misinformation and stereotypes about women in the Western media in the context of addressing the phenomenon of Islamophobia and racial discrimination against Muslim minorities and communities in Western countries.
The workshop called upon government institutions and NGOs in the Islamic world to enable women to play their role in economic construction, social development and the promotion of political stability.
It said that this can be achieved through “the development and upgrading of national strategies, laws, policies and plans designed for women, enhancing their capabilities in the field of the media, and setting specific targets and benchmarks.”
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