Opinion: Re: US Holds First Congressional Hearing on Kashmir

Opinion: Re: US Holds First Congressional Hearing on Kashmir

(RAHNUMA) The hearing is a disgrace. Its actors are intent on creating a conflict between India and its neighbor, in order to profit from weapons sales. The entire narrative of the 1st US Congressional Hearing on Kashmir is presented in a way which is skewed against India, and suggesting we are creating a humanitarian crisis, by preventing Pakistan backed separatists from spreading hate, and confusion in the region in an attempt to set it on fire, in the words of Pakistan’s own Prime Minister at the UNGA.

People are so worried about the former Kashmiri leadership, but refuse to look at some of their statements. They are literally compromised in their stances. Why do they need special status or partial autonomy from India? Because we are a majority Hindu country and Kashmir has a majority of Muslims? That is ludicrous and unacceptable. India is home to 200 million Muslims, who prosper and live happy lives. This is being flamed by pan-Islamist rhetoric which some how seeks to paint India, a country rich with so much culture, and spirituality, as some how inherently intolerant ot anti-Muslim.

That is obviously a lie. India has excellent relationships with every Muslim majority country on earth, except our neighbor, and that too only because they are on record for supporting terrorism against our people. Guidance was and is with India. History is and will be with India. Kashmir was, and is an integeral part of India. We are not oppressing anyone, neither do we as a civilization have a history of oppression. Whoever thinks they are hated by us, it is nothing more then their own hatred for the other being reflected back to them.

Why else are they so keen on the nonsensical idea of keeping Kashmir separate from India? It is because of their own religious intolerance and hatred for people of other faiths, and their complete disregard or even indirect Takfir on the 200 million Muslims of India who stand with it and its army.

During the hearing, it was also repeatedly said the US and President Trump has offered to mediate between India and Paksitan on the Kashmir.

India must learn from its Palestinian friends, and categorically reject this offer.

The United States position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict suffices for us to see where the United States would like to see this so called conflict with Pakistan over Kashmir head.

Subtle jabs against India during the session, alleging we are somehow inherently anti-Muslim, must be rejected, especially by the media.

India is committed to world peace, and would in fact be a better negotiator to broker peace between Palestinians and Israelis. India has played an active role in supporting the efforts of the State of Palestine to secure full membership status at UNESCO and supports Palestine’s bid for full and equal membership of the UN.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is the first Prime Minister of India in history to visit Palestine in 2018. As of December 21st, 2017, 176 nations among the 193 UN members have called for Palestinian statehood, yet the United States, the chief negotiator, continues to keep the region in conflict by blindly supporting actions which substantively undermine the prospects for peace with Israel and Palestinian sovereignty.

The US unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, without specifying if it is talking about West Jerusalem, which is even acceptable to the Palestinians, or the entirety of Jerusalem, which has caused more chaos, demonstrates clearly why we need to steer far and clear away from US mediation. The truth of the matter is, PM Modi’s decisive leadership delivered justice to India after 70 years!

#JaiHind #AkkandBharat

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