Overseas Telangana Diaspora Engages in Campaigning for Assembly Polls, Draws Attention

Overseas Telangana Diaspora Engages in Campaigning for Assembly Polls, Draws Attention

Hyderabad, November 21: As the highly anticipated Telangana Assembly polls approach, the fervor extends beyond the state’s borders, capturing the enthusiasm of the diaspora residing abroad. Notably, enthusiastic Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) from various corners of the world are making their way back to Telangana to actively campaign for their favored political parties and candidates, leveraging their personal connections and rapport.

While the number of registered overseas voters among NRIs remains limited, their influence holds significant weight, particularly within their native villages, impacting several Assembly constituencies in northern Telangana. Their involvement in the election campaign stands poised to make a considerable difference in the electoral landscape.

Excitement and interest among the Telugu diaspora, particularly in regions like Northern America and the Arabian Gulf, surged following the announcement of the Telangana poll dates. Leveraging social media platforms, these diaspora members have maintained consistent communication with their respective constituencies back home.

As the election day draws closer, supporters representing various political entities such as BRS, Congress, AIMIM, and BJP are returning to their homeland to extend support and rally behind their favored leaders.

However, amid this fervent engagement, a recent incident garnered attention and controversy. A video surfaced depicting an NRI offering prayers in Makkah for the victory of Gangula Kamalakar, the BRS candidate from the Karimnagar Assembly constituency. The video stirred sharp criticism from diverse quarters, sparking discussions and debates.

The active involvement of the Telangana diaspora in the election process signifies their commitment and interest in shaping the state’s political landscape. While their participation holds potential for influencing the electoral dynamics, instances such as the aforementioned video underscore the sensitivity and scrutiny surrounding external interventions in the election process.

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