Pakistani cyclist to pedal for peace across the Gulf

Author: ALI FAYYAZWed, 2017-04-26 03:00ID: 1493158188697461200JEDDAH: Mohammed Ali Bakhsh, a 45-year-old Pakistani cyclist, is set to spread a message of peace and unity by cycling across Saudi Arabia and five other Gulf countries including Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar in four months. “My ambition is to spread the message of peace … I support all countries hit by terrorism and appeal to other countries to unite against the menace,” Bakhsh said during an interview at the Arab News office in Jeddah.He said that him and the Pakistani community in the Kingdom and Pakistan condemn violence in Yemen and other countries, which target the security and stability of the world.He said that such events demand support from Muslim countries across the region.Bakhsh’s bicycle tour began in Madinah, and he reached Jeddah in six days where a local cycling group, and members of the Saudi and Pakistani communities warmly received him.“I am not looking for fame or money. I just want to spread peace, unity and brotherhood,” Bakhsh said.He said that he covered 90 kilometers a day within 6 to 7 hours, and that he received massive support from people on the streets during his journey.“I am trying to cover as much as I can on road on the cycle. I hope I have inspired people that I met to think about peace and humanity,” he said. “I am grateful to King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their backing and appreciation during this tour by providing security, mobile service and an ambulance during my tour in cities and highways,” Bakhsh said.He said that on his way from Madinah to Jeddah, he passed through small towns and people received him with open arms.“I hope that the Pakistani embassy in Saudi Arabia and Gulf counties will also support and encourage my struggle against terrorism,” he said.“I also hope that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan will continue to serve Islam and promote unity by standing alongside Muslim countries around the globe in this crucial phase,” Bakhsh said.The Pakistani cyclist plans to cover some of the major cities in Saudi Arabia, including Al-Leith, Jazan, Najran and Riyadh within 45 days; the distance will be more than 3,000 kilometers.His bicycle tour will come to an end in the Kingdom in the country’s capital city on May 28. His tour in other Gulf countries will commence after Ramadan.
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