Palestinian National Council to convene for first times in decades

Palestinian National Council to convene for first times in decades

RAMALLAH, April 30, 2018 (WAFA) – The Palestinian National Council (PNC) is scheduled Monday to hold its 23rd session at the presidential headquarters in the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

The four-day meeting of the PNC, a 700-member assembly within the umbrella of the Palestine Liberation Organization, would be held in the attendance of Arab and international delegations as well as representatives of Palestinian factions.

Held under the title “Jerusalem and Safeguarding Palestinian Legitimacy”, the PNC session is expected to commence on Monday evening with an important speech to be delivered by President Mahmoud Abbas.

Placed at the top of the agenda will be the means and mechanisms to face challenges jeopardizing the Palestinian national project and the risks related to the attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The four-day session of the PNC will conclude with the election of the 18 members of the PLO’s Executive Committee.

Speaking to Voice of Palestine radio station, Chairman of the PNC Salim Zanoun announced that secretary-generals of the participating factions and the PLO’s Executive Committee were scheduled to meet at 12:00 pm  to finalize arrangements for the convening of the PNC.

He added that Legal Committee was currently in session to discuss the amendments that could be introduced to the PLO’s statute, notably adding a provision stipulating that the Palestinian Central Council shall have the same powers of the PNC whenever necessary.

Al-Za’noun also indicated that the quorum will be taken at the opening session, but not in the afternoon session.


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