Paresh Rawal apologises for ‘raja-vaja-vandra’ remark

[Gujarat], Nov 26 (ANI): Paresh Rawal has apologised for his alleged derogatory remark against royals after the Rajput community took it to heart.

“My statement was not on the Rajput community. They are a splendor community in India and they make us proud. Nothing wrong will come out of my mouth against such a brave community,” Rawal told the media here.

The actor-turned-politician, while remembering Sardar Patel at a recent rally in Rajkot, had compared the royals (raja) and music (vaja) to monkeys (vandra), which did not go down well with the said community.

Soon after, the Karni Sena reportedly warned Paresh Rawal over his statement.

However, the veteran actor immediately apologised, saying that his comment was aimed at the “Nizam of Hyderabad.”

“If anyone was hurt by the statement I would like to apologise for it,” he added. (ANI)

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