Petrol, diesel cheaper in Haryana with VAT reduction

Petrol. (File Photo: IANS)

Chandigarh, Nov 5 (IANS) The Haryana government has reduced VAT on petrol and diesel prices so as to reduce the oil prices on the lines of Central government.

After this decision, the price of petrol has come down from Rs 106.94 to Rs 95.27 per litre in the entire state.

Also, the diesel price has come down from Rs 98.60 to Rs 86.51 per litre.

However, petrol and diesel prices are still higher in other states as compared to Haryana.

In Punjab, petrol is Rs 105.02 per litre, in Delhi the price of petrol is Rs 103.97 per litre. Similarly, petrol in Himachal Pradesh is Rs 96.06 per litre.

The price of petrol in Rajasthan is Rs 111.10 per litre.

The diesel price in Punjab is Rs 88.76 per litre and in Delhi the cost of diesel is Rs 86.67.

While in Rajasthan, the price of diesel is Rs 95.71 per litre.

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