Philippines to update 8 airports to boost connectivity

Manila, Jan 19 (IANS) The Philippines will update at least eight airports across the country this year to boost mobility and connectivity, Budget Secretary Amenah Pangandaman said on Thursday.

The Department of Budget and Management has already set aside the funding for the eight airport projects in the 2023 budget approved by President Ferdinand Marcos, Xinhua news agency quoted the Secretary as saying.

The airports with budget allocations for repairs are the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, two each in the northern and central regions, and three in the southern region.

“This budgetary allocation seeks to support the construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of the country’s transportation infrastructure, particularly in the aviation sector,” Pangandaman said in a statement.

Chaos erupted in the Philippines on January 1 after a computer glitch paralysed the air traffic control at NAIA, the country’s largest airport, affecting 282 international and domestic flights and around 60,000 travellers.

She said the government will continue to beef up infrastructure development to achieve the Marcos administration’s goal of economic transformation.

The President said he sees “better days ahead” in the country’s public transportation system as he vowed to sustain the implementation of big-ticket infrastructure projects.

“Having an effective and efficient transportation system will have multiplier effects on employment, the economy, and our society; it will also bring comfort, convenience, and an easier life for all,” he said.

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