PLO decides not to abide by peace accords signed with Israel

PLO decides not to abide by peace accords signed with Israel

RAMALLAH (Rahnuma):  The Central Council of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) decided on Monday to end the Palestinian commitment to the peace accords signed with Israel and to stop all types of security coordination.

An official statement issued in the aftermath of a two-day meeting of the council held in Ramallah said that it decided to end the commitments of the PLO toward all agreements it had signed with Israel.

The official Palestinian News Agency WAFA published the statement.

The decision includes the suspension of recognizing the state of Israel until Israel recognizes the state of Palestine established on the territories it occupied in 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The council also decided “to stop all types and kinds of security cooperation with Israel and to severe economic ties considering that the interim economic agreement signed in Paris in 1995 is not valid anymore.”

The central council, authorized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO Executive Committee, will carry on with the guarantees to implement the decisions of the council.

The council also stressed that it rejected the plan of the United States for peace in the Middle East which is called “deal of the century,” and to confront it by all means.

The statement said that the United States is a partner with the government of the Israeli occupation and became part of the problem and not part of the solution.

The PLO central council is the second highest Palestinian establishment after the Palestinian National Council.

Meanwhile, the statement said that any cease-fire agreement with Israel “is the responsibility of the PLO and not the responsibility of one faction or political power.”

The statement also stressed that any cease-fire deal to be reached “must be based on the cease-fire fire agreement the PLO signed with Israel in Cairo at the end of the 2014 war Israel waged on the Gaza Strip under Egypt’s sponsorship.”

The PLO central council meeting was held for two days in Ramallah, amid the boycott of two PLO left-wing groups, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, which are refrained from joining the PLO.

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