PM Modi tears into UPA in poll bound Gujarat

[India], Dec 11 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday accused the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government of hampering Gujarat’s journey of development.

Prime Minister Modi while addressing a rally in the poll bound state said Gujarat has two development engines – one in Gandhinagar and the other in Delhi.

“UPA did everything possible to derail Gujarat’s development journey. To put gas pipelines in Gujarat’s villages, the UPA got worried and did everything to stop that. I had to go to the Supreme Court,” he said.

Prime Minister further said for Congress development means making money.

“Do you see this Sabarmati River? There were circuses held earlier, now see the riverfront. This is development. But for Congress, Vikas is only where they can make money,” the prime minister said.

“We started a Pragati Initiative. Through technology, officers from all over India joined and we discussed key policy issues. This has helped accelerate the pace of development,” he added. (ANI)

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