Pope in Morocco calls for inter-religious dialogue

Pope in Morocco calls for inter-religious dialogue

RABAT (Rahnuma): Pope Francis on Saturday said his two-day visit to Morocco will promote inter-religious dialogue.

Francis’ remarks came after his meeting with Moroccan King Mohammed VI in capital Rabat.

This is the first papal visit to Morocco since 1985.

The pontiff called for “a joint effort” to boost a world which embraces more solidarity in dialogue respecting all people in the world.

Francis said that a culture of dialogue, mutual cooperation and understanding should be established to build a society in solidarity.

The Moroccan King Mohammed VI said that his country was experiencing an extraordinary day, and that the Pope’s visit was an indication of the long-term relations between Morocco and the Vatican.

“It is time to reject the exploitation of religion as an excuse for ignorance and intolerance,” Mohammed said, calling for a better religious education to combat radicalism.

Jerusalem Declaration

Pope and Mohammed VI signed the “Jerusalem Declaration” at the Royal Palace in the capital.

The declaration called for the preservation of Jerusalem, the common heritage of humanity, the meeting point and the symbol of the peaceful coexistence of the members of the three monotheistic religions.

Calling for the preservation of a multi-religious feature of Jerusalem, it stated that the right to worship for the three religions should be guaranteed for the future of peace and brotherhood.

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