Private teachers and lecturers of the state urged to become the voice of the voiceless

Hyderabad, June 13 (NSS): Former MP Konda Visweswar reddy today called upon the private teachers and lecturers of the state to become the voice of the voiceless and corner the state government on their problems.

He made these remarks while addressing a gathering of the private teachers and the lecturers at a function hall in Tandur. He distributed essential commodities to the teachers and lecturers on the occasion on behalf of youth feed india foundation and justice Konda Madhava reddy foundation.

Speaking on the occasion he alleged that the financial condition of the private and teachers had been worsened due to the ignorance of education and health sectors bh the state government. He said that they would meet the governor of the state on the issue and urge her to solve their problems.

He alleged that the state government had ignored the establishment of a government medical college at Tandur despite receiving several requests. The lecturers forum president paryada Ramakrishna and Tandur municipal Councilors Prabhakar goud srinivas reddy took part in the program.

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