Proper use of taxpayer money bringing higher compliance: Modi

Proper use of taxpayer money bringing higher compliance: Modi

New Delhi, Oct 24 (IANS) The number of taxpayers in the country has increased as people have faith that their money is being judiciously utilised, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday.

Addressing IT professionals here at the launch of the “Main Nahin Hum” mobile app and portal aimed at aiding people to serve society, he also said the new age of “social startups” has arrived in India.

“These days the number of taxpayers is increasing…Although people think it is because of Modi’s baton, it is actually because people know that every cent of the tax paid has been judiciously utilised,” the Prime Minister said.

Emphasising the need for social service and philantrophy, Modi said that although paying taxes is appreciable, social service amounts to doing more than paying taxes on time.

Citing the example of Wipro founder and philantrophist Azim Premji, Modi said that it is only serving others through social work that provides the highest satisfaction to an individual.

He said the concept of social startups has been there in India for ages.

The Prime Minister also said that one should not “only criticise” industry and corporates.

“We have a culture where we like to only criticise business and industry. This is not a line of thought I agree with,” he said, adding that “we have seen today, in this Town Hall programme, how leading corporates are doing excellent social work, urging their employees to venture out and serve.”

Speaking of the country’s progress in the startup scenario he said that India is currently ranked third globally in terms of startup ecosystem.

Noting that “only hugs between Prime Ministers” does not bring glory, he said the youth of the country must be able to fare well in all spheres internationally, including the Olympic Games and winning Nobel prizes.

He also said that it is important “to create an India where everyone has equal opportunities”.

The portal, which works on the theme ‘Self4Society’, will enable IT professionals and organisations to bring together their efforts towards social causes on one platform.

“In doing so, the portal is expected to help catalyse greater collaboration towards the service of the weaker sections of society, especially by leveraging the benefits of technology. It is also expected to generate wider participation of interested people who are motivated to work for the benefit of society,” an official statement said.

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