Rahul Gandhi interacts with Uttarakhand Congress leaders

[India], Aug 18 (ANI): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Friday met and interacted with party leaders, including former chief minister Harish Rawat here on Friday.

Addressing a private meeting, Rahul Gandhi said that the two things Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised, which were relief to farmers and increase in employment, have not been fulfilled.

Attacking the ruling party on the foreign policies, Rahul Gandhi said, “Modiji mishandled the foreign policies and China took advantage of the situation.

Further talking about the issue of alcoholism in the state, Rahul said that all Congress party members have to come together to fight against it.

Speaking to ANI after the meeting, Congress leader Kishore Upadhyaya said that this program was a “private” meeting and sends a strong message as to how “thoughtful” Rahul Gandhi is about issues pertaining Uttarakhand.

“The promise made by the Central and the ruling State Government is not adhered to and hence this meeting was held to talk about those issues,” the Congress leader said.

Upadhyaya further assured that the Congress will improve and do well under Rahul Gandhi.

Also speaking about the meeting to ANI, senior leader Indira Hridayesh said that the issue of alcoholism was discussed in the meeting.

“We were accused of alcoholism at our times, but look now, alcohol is being sold everywhere,” she said.

Hridayesh said that this is the first time something like this is happening in the state.

She further said, “Due to alcoholism women are getting disturbed and their lives disrupted and the government is not working towards any improvement.”

Rahul Gandhi visited Dehradun today and talked about various issues like India’s failed foreign policies, alcoholism and unemployment.(ANI)

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