Ramadan 2022 Message: Reflections on Indian Muslims

“Give thanks, O House of David! Few of My bondmen are thankful” (34:13)

Image: His Highness Prince Raunaq Yar Khan, great grandson of Asaf Jah VI His Highness Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Siddiqi, 6th Nizam of Hyderabad,  Lord Nawab Saleem Ansari from the Imam ul-Mulk line of Hyderabad’s Royal House of Paigah with Ahmed Khan, Managing Partner, The Rahnuma-e-Deccan Daily, Editor-In-Chief, Founder, TheRahnuma.com, Chairman, Rabita Al Hindiyya wal Arabiyya.

by Ahmed Khan, Founder, The Rahnuma Daily
Editor-In-Chief (therahnuma.com)

Hyderabad (Source: Facebook) When you read headlines decrying the glorious Azan, asking for Halal meat to be banned, and preventing Muslim girls from dressing with or without Hijab, it becomes evident there is something going very wrong in the Republic.

It is evident to the entire planet now that there is an evil dark orange cloud looming over Indian Muslims, more Islamophobic than the British Raj, which is instigating talk of cultural genocide and other ludicrous things in the name of law, with impunity.

I hail from a family of well known Indian Muslim notables belonging to the Ashraf class, the highest hereditary title of nobility to the highest social/political class in the Muslim World; also known in pre-modern society as Sayyids, or Lords of the House of Hashem – belonging to the Quraysh tribe, which descended from Canaan.

Paternally, my mother descends from Zayd b. ‘Ali b. Hussein (d.740), great great great grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. The maternal grandfather of Zayd b. Ali from his mother Princess Jodah of Sind was Maharaja Dahir (d.712) of the Brahman Empire of Sindh. The Brahman Empire of Sindh was founded by Maharaja Chach of Alor (d.711), and covered the entire Indus Valley and beyond.

Furthermore, I proudly claimed from my Indian Muslim ancestors all my rightful hereditary titles, which include most importantly for Indian Muslims, Imam ul-Mulk, bestowed upon them by none other than the Great Mughal Emperors, and hence I stand in service to my title and its rights upon me, as required by all good men of noble ancestry.

Also, I will say on record here, I stand by my conclusion that Man is a universe within himself and the caliph and imam of his own world. Hence, as a Mohammadan, and a Lord from the Sadat Ashraf, and someone who claimed his ancestral title of Imam ul-Mulk, I will speak to Indian Muslims now on their circumstances, and how to transmute out from them and what the solution and formula for such a transmutation actually is.

I refuse to waste energy on what appears wrong, as it is only a symptom, and I reject protesting against those placed in authority by us, at whose hands these wrong decisions by Indian Muslims are unfolding into facts for them.

I remind Indian Muslims of God’s favor upon them, similar to His favor on the Children of Israel.
Indian Muslims were the wealthiest Muslims in the world, India made you wealthy, and your wealth caused you to attain power in the land, to the envy of the entire Europe.

But, like other great nations and communities before you, you did not thank God with expressing gratitude for His blessings upon you!

As Muslims, you once enjoyed autonomy, dignity and freedom in India.

Disregard the claims of others, it was YOU who played the most important role in founding of your Republic in 1947.

This Republic is the outcome of your sacrifice of your immense wealth, sweat, tears, and blood, more than any other community, and it was you who designed the flag of this Republic of yours, and gave it its military prowess – to push back its enemies. This is your Republic.

I remind you of the very nature of the Universal Law, as espoused by Hermes Thrice-Great, and taught by Abraham, and translated into the Lawh al-Zammarudh (Emerald Tablet) on the order of the venerable Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq by Jabir Ibn Hayyan – that it is increase, not decrease.

The law of nature wills your dignity, freedoms and happiness to only increase, not the other way around.

Since the founding of your Republic, your wealth, social status and power relative to your demographic requirement, should have only increased.

However, if all you see is decrease and now the taking away of even your basic religious freedoms or the threat of that, I will say, this is a clear sign that you are ungrateful and need to openly express gratitude to God for all He bestowed upon India since Islam arrived here to you.

Islam arrived to India not by colonial Umayyad invasions, rather in the form of the construction of the Kilakarai Mosque – Palaiya Jumma Palli – India’s oldest mosque and 5th oldest in the world. This mosque of yours was built in 628–630 AD during the life of the Arabian Prophet Muhammad on the orders of the Indian Companion of the Holy Prophet, Cherman Perumal Maharajah Rama Varma Kulashekhara, of the Chera dynasty.

You must reject the false paradigm of INGRATITUDE, and forget the poem by the Rajput you refer to as ‘Allamah’, who despite being a great thinker, was not qualified to program your subconscious mind with the suggestion of a Shikwa, or the Great Complaint/Ingratitude AGAINST the Divine Hand.

You must cast that aside now, before the moon is sighted for your Eid, and your destiny will change instantly.

Stop wrongly defining Muslims and Kafirs as religious communities, you must correctly define Muslims as those who accept GRATITUDE as the ideal perpetual state for life, and Kafirs as those persons, IRRESPECTIVE of their faith community, who choose INGRATITUDE as their perpetual state of being.

Islam is gratitude, and linguistically, Kufr is literally ingratitude, nothing more. Hence, ingrates always lose.

The dark cloud which looms over you, it is not a political party, as that party only came to power by your own actions and thoughts in 2014, nor is it the political dynasty before them, as you founded this Republic of yours with their help.

Rather I say to you, that dark cloud which looms over you is your own INGRATITUDE personified, taking form and materializing into a every day facts in your life.

As a case study, let us observe the Children of Israel (Israelites) who made up the majority of the population of the people of Yathrib, and the Children of Ishmael (Ishmaelites) who made up the majority of the population of Mecca.

The Israelites of Yathrib were plagued with illiteracy, poverty, lack of artistic expression, lack of musical expression, severe depression, ignorance, political disorganization and military impotence.

They were weak before the Ishmaelites of Mecca like the accursed Abu Lahab, Abu Sufiyan, etc., despite once being identified by God as peoples He elevated over the entire world. Read in the Holy Quran 45:16 “Indeed, We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture, wisdom, and prophethood; granted them good, lawful provisions; and favoured them ABOVE the others.”

The destiny of both of these communities changed 180° degrees as soon as it became time for each to decide what they were going to collectively choose, regardless of their past.

Both communities decided. The once powerful Ishmaelites of Mecca, led by their then filthy ingrate chief Abi Sufiyan, chose ingratitude and the once meek Israelites of Yathrib, led by no one, chose gratitude.

Subsequently, we read in history, the start of the rise of the meek Israelites of Yathrib and the downfall of the powerful Ishmaelites of Mecca happened simultaneously.

A large fraction of the Children of Ishmael chose ingratitude, and drove out the Messenger of Allah from his own home and his own city, while the majority of the Children of Israel of Yathrib chose gratitude and welcomed him with open arms.

These Israelite tribes, descendants of David, Solomon, Moses, Joseph, etc., and referred to as Israelites in the Constitution of Medina, denounced their poverty, and cast aside their depression and differences to join hands and praise God and thank Him with gratitude and welcome His Messenger salutations and blessings be upon him.

These Israelites united with the minority Ishmaelites who had migrated to join them in anticipation of the arrival of the Seal of Prophets, and composed as an expression of their gratitude to God what has become the most well documented song of Muslim history – ‘Tala’a Al-Badru ‘Alayna’.

In their song, the Children of Israel of Yathrib and the minority of the Children of Ishmael who migrated from the ingrate Ishmaelites of Mecca collectively expressed their deep felt GRATITUDE to the Divine in the composition of the verses of their song, and I remind you here of its lyrics:

Tala al Badru ‘Alayna
Min Thaniyati-al Wada’
Wajaba Shukru ‘Alayna
Ma da’a lillahi da’

O the white moon rose over us
From the valley of Wada’
And we owe it to show our gratitude
Where the call is to Allah.

That one expression of gratitude was the catalyst that changed the destiny of Israelites of Yathrib, the destiny of the minority of migrant Ishmaelites and subsequently the destiny of the entire world.

The only way out for you from under this heavy and terrifying dark orange cloud, is expression of collective gratitude.

Such an expression of gratefulness, not more ingratitude in the form of negative editorials and protests, and poems called the Complaint, will expel the darkness of the cloud of ingratitude, Kufr, which has covered the Republic now.

Instead, you will be restored to a position higher than before, and you will be honored without precedence because of your patience and your teaching the world how to weaponize their thoughts against their apparent enemies by the initial expression of gratitude over ingratitude, or simply Islam over Kufr.

61:14 O you who believe, become Helpers to God (Ansar), as when Jesus, the son of Mary, said to his disciples, “Who are my Ansar to God?” The disciples said, “We are Ansar to God.” And a faction of the Children of Israel believed, and a faction disbelieved. So We supported those who believed against their enemy, and they became dominant.

That is all I have to say to you. Adab.


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