Rashtra Sevika Samiti concludes its camp, stresses on women empowerment

[India], June 12 (ANI): The Rashtra Sevika Samiti which concluded its 15-day long camp stressed on women empowerment and to strengthen and integrate them.

Chandrakanta (Northern region Karyavahika) who was the main speaker at the event said that their effort was to make the trainees multi-talented.

“A woman educates two homes. She also said that Macaulay changed the Indian education system and we are still continuing with the same. To strengthen and integrate the society women must be made more cultured,” she added.

She also emphasized that, “none listens to the weak and to make a society free from fear, the women must become strong.”

The Delhi State Unit of Rashtra Sevika Samiti organized a 15-day entry level camp in GLT Saraswati Bal Mandir, Nehru Nagar, Delhi and 144 students were beneficiaries of the camp. The camp started from May 27 and came to an end on June 11.

The concluding ceremony was held in the G.L.T. School campus. It was presided over by Dr Krishna Taneja, social worker. Prem Setia, social worker was the Chief Guest.

Sadhwi Rama Bharti, Sunita Bhatia, Prant Karyavahika and Vijaya Sharma, Prant Pracharika were the organizers for the event. All India Head of the RSS for physical education Jagdish was also present.

Rashtra Sevika Samiti is an 80 year old organization. It was founded by Lakshmi Bai Kelkar in Nagpur.

The Samiti believes in an ideology of gender equality and works for physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of women for their greater contribution in the family, society and the country.

It also believes that women are the guiding force and set the direction of life. It undertakes a range of activities throughout the year and 52 such service activities are being run by the Samiti in the entire country.

June 11 was the concluding day of a fortnight long camp. The participants stayed in the camp throughout the duration and were trained in various activities.

This was an induction level camp for young women who will undergo further training in future.

The young women, mostly in their early twenties, demonstrated of their proficiency in yoga, judo, karate, fighting with knives and swords.

The participants clad in their uniform, called ‘Ganavesh’, also organized an impressive parade cum march past.

A route march, called ‘Path Sanchalan’ was also held on June 8 in nearby localities and was much admired by the people.

The march was conducted under guidance of Sadhwi Rama Bharti and organized by Prant Karyavahika Sunita Bhatia and Prant Pracharika Vijaya Sharma.

The march was led by a young woman riding a horse, carrying a flag of their organization. It was followed by a jeep and other groups carrying lathis, band, knives, swords, participants in yoga and further followed by other groups riding scooters and cars. (ANI)

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