Re: Nizamuddin Covid scare, search for Maulana Saad

Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliya, was a famous Sufi Saint of the Chisti Order. He lived near Delhi. Nizamuddin stressed love as a means of realising God. Indian Islamic miniature. Artist unknown.

By Ahmed Khan, Founder,,
Editor-In-Chief, The Rahnuma Daily (Online English)

(RAHNUMA) While I entirely condemn all gatherings during these times, especially those in the name of religion as irresponsible, targeting and humiliating a particular group while turning one’s ugly one-eyed face away from another is wrong.

There was a gathering of 40,000 Hindu pilgrims gathered in Tirupati between March 17-18, forming big groups at all public places and business centers despite the lock down.

Why are you not condemning it? It is because of your discriminating, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bias.

One-eyed liars

There are Hindus in India who have fallen sick by drinking cow urine, and consuming cow dung to cure and or prevent Covid-19 at the behest of elected Hindu politicians, and no Muslim media outlet made a religious issue of it, nor did we shame Hindus for their practices and beliefs.

There is a Hindu cannibalism sect still present in India, as shown to the world via CNN, and yet Indian Muslims and their media outlets never denigrate or discriminate and demonize them for being different.

How can certain one-eyed Indian media outlets even dare to mock and demonize other Indians due to their faith?

What if your bizarre practices were mocked or constantly highlighted by the Arab media, how would you feel?

Solution-based coverage

Coverage in the Indian media needs to start being solution-oriented and the purpose behind highlighting community stories needs to be reform, not marginalization by demonization.

But wait, some people will also take offense to my using demonization, because some people also worship demons.

Do you notice how hurtful the previous paragraphs were? That was the point, to help people see how hurtful and offensive religiously targeted journalism can be.

And just like that, there is no real end to highlighting differences. As such, instead of presenting them as differences, why not present them as hallmarks of our diversity and cultural strength?

Diversity keeps us rich

Differences are bad for the economy. Diversity is good for the economy and tourism.

Are you looking to keep India Incredible or turn it into something else?

There is a limit to Islamophobia, especially and particularly against Indian Muslims, and we have now reached it.

Enough is enough

Targeting Moulana Saad by shaming and threatening him, like he is a criminal will prove to be one of the greatest cultural mistakes in India’s modern history.

Lead by example

Instead of attacking and demonizing people, it would be better for world governments to follow the generous example of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud who has given general amnesty to all people inside the kingdom, and ordered free treatment at whatever best available capacity for Covid-19 patients, without verification of any documentation, for both legals and illegals in the kingdom.

Thousands of illegal Indians, both Hindus and others, inside the kingdom will stand to benefit from this responsible decision.

Be generous

How are you treating the helpless? Be generous. Allocate relief. Do not oppress people just because they believe in the Holy Prophet Muhammad, salutations and blessings upon him.

If you are mistreating the weak, the helpless, like certain news anchors and their devilish band of followers and supporters, I am respectfully reminding you, your humiliating helpless Indian Muslims will come back to you, as “Karma” from the Universe – in a way which you will not be able to cope with.

Karma is coming

Oppression has reached its peak. There is no more room for acceptance of bullying and merciless people.

Fake leaders who cannot protect the honor of the very people they are in power to protect, will face their Karma now.

Nature will respond, and will turn the tables of helplessness on you if you do not correct yourselves, and it will be in a way future generations will talk about in classes.

Stop being divisive, evil and merciless.

A need to correct

This is a time to correct your past, to stop targeting the helpless before you become helpless.

This is a time to guard the honor of each other and show mercy, or else mercy will not be shown back to you by the Universe.

Regarding Moulana Saad, please be cautious and respectful, do not humiliate him is my unsolicited advice.

But what do I know anyway, right?

Ahmed Khan is the Founder, Editor-In-Chief & Publisher of The Rahnuma Daily (, the online global English daily edition of The Rahnuma-E-Deccan Daily (ReDD), India’s oldest Urdu daily print newspaper established in 1921. More than 81.1 million Indians identify Urdu as their language, and as per the annual INA (Indian Newspapers Association) report, ReDD ranks among the top 5 most widely circulated and read Urdu daily print newspapers throughout India. Ahmed resides in Hyderabad at his maternal ancestral home and can be contacted at,

Nizamuddin controversy – Press Note issued by Tablighi Markaz


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