Re: Trump will use emergency powers to remain in White House if he loses election

CLEVELAND, July 22, 2016 (Xinhua) — Donald Trump takes the stage on the last day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States, July 21, 2016. New York billionaire Donald Trump officially accepted the presidential nomination of the U.S. Republican Party Thursday night on the final day of the Republican National Convention. (Xinhua/Yin Bogu/IANS)

by Ahmed Khan, Founder, The Rahnuma Daily
Editor-In-Chief (

(RAHNUMA) If President Trump were in fact to remain in office, by using emergency powers it will be the dawn of a new era in world history, and frankly, I support it.

The world wants to see a strong America, with bold leadership, able to utilize its God-given powers to actually bring peace in the world.

If America does not finally evolve into the country equivalent of Superman, what is the purpose of it possessing so much military power?

Not all authoritarianism is bad in my opinion. That is how we, as Indians, and the West in the past, ran our homes in the past, via a strong father or father figure.

America has been one of the greatest custodians of power, minus some unfair choices driven by its addiction to religion, modern history has seen, to its own supporters at least.

I even endorse the idea of a new America, an America 2.0 wherein the country remains a democracy in the long term, but temporarily comes under the control of a black General, or a strong military-backed leader, tasked with ending America’s racial divide, internal issues, and finally resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by the demonstration of power, not just offering of deals, like Commodus from the film Gladiator.

America is unraveling itself over trivial issues which can easily be resolved.  It needs a strong father-like figure to reign in its unruly children, until they stop screaming at least. This is not only good for America, but also for the rest of the world, which needs a strong and stable America, not one that is denying its own democracy and election results for four years straight, and targeting by mocking each letter uttered by the individual elected to lead it!

Seriously, close your eyes, imagine if America finally became the embodiment of Superman. Would the world be safer? I think so.

The world certainly doesn’t need #crazybiden for President, nor does America, which is currently under an economic occupation because of a Chinese virus, which most conspiracy theories say is nothing more than China’s demonstration of its power to the world.

It’s ironic, but the idea that the Democrats have become the literal equivalent of India’s Congress actually holds some truth to it.

Biden represents an outdated idea of what America is, and needs to be retired, not elected.

In my opinion, it’s not enough for the Democrats to simply keep operating on the same old corrupted software, rather they need to install an anti-virus software, and completely change their operating system, much like the Congress needs to make a secular, intelligent, Indian Muslim scientist the head of its party, to win the trust of the public again.

I am talking change to the the level of the equivalent of switching from an HP to Apple’s MacBook.

If the Democrats are unwilling, which their choice of Biden demonstrates, they should accept their truth, not attempt to force a crazy candidate onto their country, and empower him to recreate chaos in our world!

Crazy Biden, who served as Obama’s Vice President, helped “create ISIS” with Obama and Crooked-Hillary.

Biden is a warmonger. He supported arming Pakistan to the teeth under Obama, so why should I as an Indian support him?

Biden supported, and is responsible as a former US Vice President, for all the devastation caused to human life, the environment and other impacts of the 26,000 bombs his boss Obama decided to drop on Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan in 2016 alone.

For the millions displaced and the hundreds of thousands of casualties of war, Biden is, along with Obama and Crooked-Hillary, a war criminal, and a bigger tyrant Trump could ever be. In fact, it was Trump who ended US covert funding and arming of ISIS and Al Qaeda through the CIA, under the recommendation of America’s first Hindu member of Congress – Tulsi Gabbard.

Democrats talk equality, but they are responsible for some of the worst menaces the world has witnessed.

Thankfully, that period of human history has finally ended, and needs to remain dead in my opinion, like Hillary’s campaign and her political and cultural legacy of misandry.

Trump’s opponents are so brazenly two-faced, that they called for and endorse protests by crowds during a global pandemic which requires people to stay indoors, and maintain social distance to stay alive, just to defeat Trump in 2020!

Yet,when Trump decided to go ahead with organizing a political rally, they created fear, and spread chaos over the very same threat public gatherings pose to human life at this time.

It is my opinion, America is not opposing Trump, rather the warmongers in Washington and their sometimes villainous news outlets like CNN, which openly engaged in Islamophobia and Hinduphobia, and Anti-Arabism and Anti-Hinduism until Trump’s election in 2016, are angry at him because they demand more chaos and more blood.

Trump is a peacemaker, at least for Arabs and Muslims, even most people don’t see it.

History will judge him by his defeat of ISIS, killing of the evil imposter Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, his endorsement of the religious reformation of Saudi Arabia’s former conservative religious lobby, and by his endorsement of UAE and Saudi economic sanctions on Qatar until it promises to end support for extremism.

Look how much covert CIA endorsed terrorism existed during the Obama-Biden-Hillary era, and compare it to the past four years under Trump.

Trump’s ability to bring peace to America, and the world, as insane as that sounds, is why I endorse Trump for a second term as President of the United States of America, even if people oppose me for it.

People are in the dark and want to harm themselves.

Except for his Jerusalem move, Trump ended useless American interventions and failed wars. He gave his endorsement for the already existent Israeli occupation of Jerusalem to protect American national security, and I won’t bother explaining what I mean.

Netanyahu’s Israel does what it needs to do, to create fear and sway policy. Trump ended that choke hold over America, and finally openly handed over American interests back to the Israelis, but not more than American interests.

America doesn’t own Jerusalem nor does the Jewish State of Israel own it in its entirety (excluding West Jerusalem) without Palestinians and Arabs accepting it, so Trump’s ‘giving it away’ has no real meaning on the ground anyway, and is not more than a bold negotiation tactic, employed to force a deal on both sides.

Contrary to what people might think, Trump’s election makes it clear, Americans don’t care about these issues anymore.

Sure, many Republicans in America are ignorant, racist, even stupid, and addicted to religious stimuli because their narratives on sin and redemption and the end of the world, and sure their opinions can be easily swayed through lies, tweets, guns, wrestling, the rhetoric of war, and name-calling, but overall, they are better than the hypocritical Democrats who talk peace, but only make war.

So if by intervention of General Zod himself, President Trump stayed in power because he some how lost 2020, by using his emergency powers, and if America actually turned into a dictatorship or a temporary authoritarian regime under Trump, with President Trump becoming America’s first Caesar, I would still support him.

Unlike Obama, whose policies will define Biden’s foreign policy agenda, President Trump has reversed the tide of global conflicts through his brilliant foreign policy decisions – except for his Jerusalem move.

I do not live in America, so my primary drive to stand with Trump for 2020, is his foreign policy.

When I look at President Trump, as a Muslim, I see the man who ended covert US funding of Al Qaeda, covert CIA arming of ISIS, and the man who killed the imposter Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, defeated ISIS, and successfully pressured Saudi Arabia to reign in its previously overactive religious lobby, and instead embrace a more moderate interpretation of Islam, and I see the first President in US history to officially travel to Ramallah, and visit the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas – whose mishandling of Trump’s deal is a topic of another Opinion Editorial all together!

For me, President Trump is an alpha male, a victor, and the right man for the job to manage one of the greatest military power’s in human history, so I support his 2020 re-election campaign, and am not afraid to say so, and am doing so because I think he will remain on his course!

Ahmed Khan is the Founder of The Rahnuma Daily (, the online global English daily edition of The Rahnuma-E-Deccan Daily (ReDD), India’s oldest Urdu daily print newspaper established in 1921. More than 81.1 million Indians identify Urdu as their language, and as per the annual INA (Indian Newspapers Association) report, ReDD ranks among the top 5 most widely circulated and read Urdu daily print newspapers throughout India. Ahmed resides in Hyderabad at his maternal ancestral home and can be contacted at,

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