Recruitment firms ‘have role to play in Saudi labor amnesty’

Author: MOHAMMED AL-SULAMIFri, 2017-03-31 03:00ID: 1490919259512927600
JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s amnesty for residency and labor law violators will call for the involvement of recruitment firms to address any gaps in the employment market, an official said.
The Interior Ministry earlier this month launched “A Nation Without Violations,” a campaign to give residency and labor law violators 90 days to leave the country without penalties.
Recruitment firms in the Kingdom will have a role to play in addressing any shortfall in the employment market as violators leave the country, officials said.
The Saudi Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labor and Social Development are committed to ensure strategic partnerships with recruitment companies to help realize the objectives of the campaign, said Maj. Gen. Jomaan bin Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, assistant director of public security for security affairs.
The partnerships will help organize the employment of expats in the labor market, he said, stressing the importance of these measures to eliminate negative security incidences and protect the rights of both parties in the employment relationship.
Al-Ghamdi’s remarks came during a meeting organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development with representatives of recruitment companies in the Saudi market.
Ministry representative Adnan bin Abdullah Al-Naeem stressed the ability of recruitment companies to provide qualified and trained workers to fill gaps in the labor market. These companies are expected to have an important role to play in the national campaign to eliminate labor violations and secure Saudi Arabia’s borders.
Representatives of recruitment companies participating in the meeting also put forward recommendations and ideas.
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