Rishi Sunak ‘could head straight to US’ if he loses battle for UK PM

Rishi Sunak ‘could head straight to US’ if he loses battle for UK PM

London, Aug 18 (IANS) Speculation is mounting about Rishi Sunak’s future as another poll showed Liz Truss with an unassailable lead among Tory members in the race for UK Prime Minister, the media reported.

Some MPs are predicting that the former chancellor will opt to leave the Parliament if he loses the battle for Prime Minister, although allies insist he is ‘not going anywhere’, Daily Mail reported.

Senior Conservatives believe Sunak has ‘burned his boats’ during the contest, due to come to a conclusion on September 5, and is unlikely to be offered a job he could accept, the report said.

Research by YouGov found Truss is backed by 66 per cent of party members, who are deciding the successor to Boris Johnson.

Sunak only has support from 34 per cent, excluding those who are not sure. Although the 32-point advantage is slightly smaller than was found a fortnight ago, just 13 per cent are now undecided and nearly six in 10 have already voted.

The survey also found widespread regret that Boris Johnson is going — with 55 per cent saying it was wrong to force him to quit.

One former minister said the tone from the Sunak campaign had been ‘a lot more personal’ recently, and there was no chance of him serving in a Truss government.

“I think he is finished from that perspective. I can see Cabinet positions being given to Suella (Braverman) and Kemi (Badenoch), but not Rishi (Sunak). I think he’s gone and burned his boats.

‘He’s got plenty of opportunities should he be inclined to look elsewhere for gainful employment. I should have thought that is what he will do.’

They pointed out that Sunak has long-standing links to the US and Silicon Valley, having held a coveted green card, Daily Mail reported.

Another senior MP said Mr Sunak could look for a career elsewhere, saying: ‘He’s got huge options.’

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