Rohtash, flexing his muscles again for the world championship at Dubai

By Esa Bin Abdul Rehman

Rohtash, flexing his muscles again for the world championship at Dubai 

Hyderabad (Rahnuma) Rohtash Choudhary, a man with eight records in his name for hitting most push-ups in the world, is flexing his muscles again to grab the world title by taking part in the upcoming “worlds push-ups competition” to be held in Dubai early next year.

It is said that the “World Championship” is to be held in January-February 2020 during “Indo-Arab Friend Summit” at Dubai Expo in United Arab Emirates (UAE). He already bag four “Guinness Book of World Records” and four “World Records” on his name.

Rohtash has dazzled the world by hitting most push-ups in a minute just towing on a single leg last week. He hit 55 push-ups holding 37 kilograms of weight on his hands supporting with a single leg in just a single minute during a program held at Indian Expo Metro in Noida city in the presence of Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev on 9th November.

Not long ago, Rohtash has broke the record of Pakistan’s Syed Taj Muhammed, who was in the year 2017 had made the record of 35 push-ups in just one minute with a support of a single leg.

Hailing from Delhi, Rohtash Chaudhary was at a brief visit to Hyderabad city Yesterday. Recalling his achievements in the recent years that won him seven records on his name, Rahtash said, “during the year 2015, he hit 10,102 push-ups in a span of seven and a half hours in a program organized at YMCA, New Delhi surpassing the record of a Canadian athlete.

Same year, he made a new record of hitting 2690 push-ups in a duration of just one hour. On 21st June 2016, he dazzled every one again by creating a new record of 5125 push-ups holding 25 kilogram of weight on this back. It was the day that saw him winning two more records in his name.

He has made a record of 1000 push-ups in duration of 19 minutes and 20 seconds on11th January 2017.

He proudly informed that the record made at greater Noida city earns an entry on his name into “Guinness Book of World Record.

Praising on his achievements, a renowned social activist of Hyderabad City Advocate Ahballah Bahmaid said “the records won by Rohtash Chowdhary especially the one that earn an entry onto “Guinness Book of World Record” has brings laurels for the country. Having such a number of records on his name, that too in a period of just four years shows how dedicated he is to gain such an exemplary achievement,” He said.

Abdallah Bahmaid, wishes him all the best for his achievements in future and hope he will return back with a flying colour by winning the world championship this time to be held in Dubai.

Rohtash, flexing his muscles again for the world championship at Dubai
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