Ruling BRS Puts Focus on Civic Infrastructure, Employment, and Law & Order to Woo Hyderabad Voters

Ruling BRS Puts Focus on Civic Infrastructure, Employment, and Law & Order to Woo Hyderabad Voters

Hyderabad, November 21: As the electoral battleground heats up in Hyderabad, the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is amplifying its campaign, highlighting crucial issues aimed at securing voter confidence in the 24 assembly segments within the city and its adjoining areas.

With 15 seats located in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and nine in the city’s outskirts, boasting a substantial 45.37 lakh and over 50 lakh voters respectively, the upcoming polls are poised to be a pivotal contest.

The BRS, which secured a majority in the 2018 assembly polls, is emphasizing the city’s civic infrastructure enhancement, job creation, and the maintenance of law & order as its primary campaign themes.

Amidst its claims of transforming Hyderabad into a “global city,” the BRS administration has spotlighted its achievements, including the exponential growth in the Information Technology sector, as Minister K T Rama Rao highlighted. He cited the rise in IT employment, surpassing Bengaluru in job creation, and touted Hyderabad’s development as a testament to the government’s efforts.

BRS spokesperson Sarvan Dasoju highlighted the city’s “well-maintained” law & order situation, a conducive environment for investors generating ample job opportunities, and commendable civic infrastructure, attributing these achievements to the government’s policies.

However, opposition parties like the BJP have contested these claims, alleging fund diversions from the Centre meant for civic development, citing the neglect of the city’s overall progress as an issue.

Political analysts and journalists have weighed in, expressing skepticism about Hyderabad’s proclaimed status as a “global city,” emphasizing issues such as flooding during monsoons, infrastructure bottlenecks, and drainage problems as challenges that persist despite developmental efforts.

Senior journalist S Nagesh Kumar criticized the government for focusing primarily on specific parts of Hyderabad, neglecting central areas, and failing to address core infrastructure issues leading to urban congestion.

The election campaigning has seen key leaders, including BJP’s JP Nadda and BRS’s KT Rama Rao, conducting roadshows and engaging with citizens, attempting to sway voters with promises and interactions.

With varied perceptions on Hyderabad’s development, the electoral battle is intensifying as parties strive to sway voters with their narratives on civic progress, employment generation, and overall city governance.

The upcoming polls will likely witness a fierce contest as political parties make their last-minute efforts to secure the trust and support of Hyderabad’s diverse electorate.


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