Russia’s Putin thanks Turkey’s efforts in Syria’s Idlib

Russia's Putin thanks Turkey's efforts in Syria's Idlib
Russia’s Putin thanks Turkey’s efforts in Syria’s Idlib

MOSCOW (Rahnuma): Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday thanked Turkey for its efforts in the northwestern Idlib province of Syria.

Speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club in the coastal city of Sochi, Putin said Moscow sees the work Turkey puts into the region.

“I want to thank our Turkish partners, we see that they work, they are fulfilling the obligations. The demilitarized zone is being created,” he said.

Putin said: “Not all the heavy weapons have been withdrawn, not all the militants have left the territory, but Turkish partners are doing everything to fulfill their obligations.”

Putin recalled that the Turkish side was paying heavy burdens as a military hospital was deployed to the region — which meant losses and injuries.

He also said that Turkish partners were “acting tough” in the fight against the terrorist groups.

The leader said the situation in Syria remains difficult, especially in the east of Euphrates, where U.S. and EU citizens were among 700 people taken hostage by Daesh.

Emphasizing that the terrorists promised to shoot 10 people every day and 10 others were shot on Wednesday, Putin said he wondered why the U.S. and the EU were staying silent on the issue.

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