Sanjeev Kapoor’s Eggs Kejriwal has Twitter in splits

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Eggs Kejriwal has Twitter in splits

New Delhi, March 11 (IANS) Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kappor’s unique take on eggs, making the perfect breakfast, dishing out ‘Eggs Kejriwal’ has met with some droll trolls.

“Eggs ‘kejriwal’…khaansi toh nahin aayegi ise khaakar ..ya phir dharna morcha annshan se pehle khaana chahiye?” asked Anu, who was concerned about whether the recipe posted on Saturday could give a cough and cold. Was there a need to fast before having it? the user asked.

Another user said Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal, might charge them for using his name.

Eggs Kejriwal is a popular dish in restaurants worldwide. It is made of crisp toast topped with fried eggs, avocado, chillies and mint mayo.

Twitter users said former AAP MLA Kapil Mishra, who was suspended from the party after he attacked Delhi Minister Satyendra Jain and Kejriwal over a Rs 2 crore bribe case, should have Eggs Kejriwal for breakfast.

Savitha Arunkumar said on odd days she would use white bread and on even days the brown one.

“Sanjeev, awaiting eagerly for Mulayam chicken… Mamata fish curry…,” another user on the social media platform, said.

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