Saudi Arabia affirms position on political solution to Yemeni crisis

Author: Rodolfo C. Estimo Jr.Sun, 2017-10-15 03:00ID: 1508010478782562900RIYADH: The Kingdom affirmed its position on Friday at a conference in Geneva that the political solution to the Yemeni crisis is based on three pillars, local media reported.
Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Jaber, said these pillars include the Gulf initiative, outcomes of national dialogue and Security Council Resolution 2216.
He was participating in a workshop organized by the Gulf Research Center in cooperation with the Geneva Center for the Democratic Management of the Armed Forces titled “Views on Yemen.”
At the first session of the workshop, Al-Jaber discussed the Kingdom’s participation in the meeting attended by the US, UK, and the UAE as well as the five-day meeting with the participation of Oman in support of the efforts of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.
A representative of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief), Samer Jitili, said that the challenge facing humanitarian relief work in Yemen lies in the absence of a system of government to help in the implementation.
“The war was not our choice but we were forced to maintain security and stability in Yemen and in the region, restore legitimacy, and open channels of dialogue between the legitimate government and the Houthis,” he said.
He pointed out that Saudi Arabia, the alliance and the Yemeni government are working together to achieve security in the region.
Jitili pointed out that “this will have a positive impact on international peace and security … and the coalition has a moral responsibility in implementing Resolution 2216 and facilitating the entry of humanitarian aid into Yemen.”
Mohammed Al-Qarni, a representative of the delegation from the Ministry of Interior, also explained the efforts of the Kingdom to fight terrorism at home and in support of Yemen within the Arab coalition forces.
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